O, Miami 2015

Another April has come and just about went, which means another O,Miami festival. In past years the festival has simulcast a 50 foot tall Robert Hass on the wall of the south beach Miami Symphony hall, distributed thousands of poems on coasters to bars across the city, and invited Adrian Matejka to read poems about Jack Johnson in between boxing matches. This year featured some incredible events like a Kay Ryan reading, poetry-led boat cruise and shadow puppets set to verse. I was lucky to be involved with several projects / events.

This spring, Jai-Alai Magazine, asked me to help read/edit and this month saw the release of issue #4 (with Cigar-City sponsored launch reading) and a special Zine Edition designed in partnership with Books Are Nice that was sold out of quarter machines throughout the city.

I was also invited to contribute some poems to Reading Queer’s “O, Hi There” project that involved surprising people with recorded poems. You can check out my poems here (“vulture” original appeared in Silk Road Review, and “Oyster” as a poetry broadside in coordination with the 2015 Miami Book Fair International):