“How are You Keeping it all Together” and “How to Keep Warm” (forthcoming) in the anthology Prose Poems: An Introduction (University of Princeton Press)

When Phúc Became Phuc  in Hotel Amerika

“Nightfall in the Prefectural Capital” in Pleiades

“On the Occasion of My Girlfriend Smelling Whisky on My Breath and Swearing it was the Last Straw” in Upstreet

“Midwinter” in Quarter After Eight

“Each in its Own Way” “Cucumber” and “In the Pelagic Zone” in Terminus

“Legacy” in Zone 3 Fall / Winter 2014

“Varicella Zoster Councils Ebolavirus” in the anthology  Grit, Gravity & Grace: New Poems about Medicine and Healthcare

“Vulture” in Silk Road Review # 12

“And Other Rejected Potpourri Ingredients” in Jai-Alai #6

“Angel’s Share” in Atlanta Review vol. xx  no.1

“The Ringtone Muse” in The Manhattan Review fall/winter 2013-14

“しろ くじら” in Gargoyle #60

“Dark Times” in Cent Journal #10

And on the Eighth Day God Settled the Divorce” in Off the Coast  Spring 2013

“The Word that Got Away” in The Madison Review  Spring 2013

” 恵比寿” “Canine Lupus” and “Back Then” in Chicago Quarterly Review Spring / Summer 2013

“Fighting Fish” in Fox Cry Review  Spring / Summer 2013

“Foolish Fly” in Hawi’i Pacific Review Volume 23

“Be Honest, Do These Make My Hipster Look Big?” in Bank Heavy Press’ Kisses with Fishes

“Dotonburi, Osaka” in Paper Nautilus

“The Great Ghengis Kahn” and “Gros Michel” in Side B Magazine: The Post Colonialism Issue



“Worship Poem,” “Origin Story” and “How Did it Get This Bad” (forthcoming) in Grist 

“Dress Code for the Conquered” in Threepenny Review and selected for Best New Poets 2018

“How to Keep Warm” in Terrain

“The Ice-Makers of Trần Hưng Đạo Street” in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

“To the Poet Hàn Mặc Tử”  and “Alone at Hallandale Beach” in AJAR with translations into Vietnamese

“The Insects and Geckos of Quy Nhon,” “With Respect,” “Love Poem,” and “Bringing a Parrot to the Cockfight” in Structural Damage Issue 2

“On Waking up After Having Gotten Too Drunk and Saying Something Stupid the Night Before” in Structural Damage issue 1

“Why All the Cashiers at Total Wine Know Me by Name” “In an Age of Great Injustices” and “Hungover” in Carolina Quarterly

Noctipituations” in Lunch Ticket

“Scarecrow” in Print Oriented Bastards

“Alone Drinking Beer, Watching Monday Night Football” in Paper Darts

“To the Man Who Ordered the Pad Kee Mow” in Flyway

“Mr. Peanut”, “The Whole Story”, and “Sugar Free” in “New Delta Review”