Long-form Journalism:

On Loving the Saigon Zoo Despite Its Flaws

Whale Worship: Exploring the Role of Whales in Vietnam’s Coastal Lore

An Ode to Saigon’s Chò Nâu Trees

 In Defense of Bảo Tàng Địa Chất, Saigon’s Most Neglected Museum

An Ode to Lục Bình, Vietnam’s Invasive, Destructive, Beautiful Aquatic Jerk

The Harrowing History of Vietnam’s Rubber Plantations

A History of Rice Wine, Part 1: Family Stills, Prohibition and Colonial Bloodshed

A History of Rice Wine, Part 2: A Traditional Craft Slowed to a Trickle

How Famed Filmmaker Việt Linh Built a Family Around Art

Literature Reviews:

Review of “The Mountains Sing” by Nguyen Phan Que Mai

“Revisiting the Women on the Island” by Ho Anh Thai

Review of “Butterfly Yellow” by Thanhha Lai

Review of “The Cemetery of Chua Village” by Doan Le

Review of Da Ngan’s “An Insignificant Family” 

Profile of Que Mai Phan Nguyen

Profile of Hoa Nguyen 

Review of Matthew Olzmann’s “Contradictions in the Designs”