Natural Selection

Natural Selection is an ongoing series on Saigoneer of articles that explores Vietnam’s native flora and fauna. From overlooked plants to iconic critters, Natural Selection aims to highlight the country’s wild and wondrous nature.

(Image by Hannah Hoang and Phan Nhi)

Thạch Sùng: A Muse in Every Home

Cây Đa: A Tree That Contains Multitudes

Kiến Ba Khoang: A Harbinger of Dread and Divine Punishment

The Ugly Truth of the Life and Impending Demise of the Hoàn Kiếm Turtle

Cá Chuồn: The Fish That Dreams Beyond Its Realm

Cò: The Symbolic Soul of Vietnam’s Countryside

The Prehistoric Permanence of Cá Sấu, Vietnam’s Farmed Predator

Sao La: The Real-Life Unicorn of Vietnam

Voi: From Hai Bà Trưng’s Fearsome Companions to Tourism Servants

Mèo: A Complicated Love Affair

Cầy Mực: A Critter With Popcorn Pee