“Watching Jai Alai”

Last year the brilliant Andrew Reid illustrated  my poem “Watching Jai Alai” as part of the SWEAT broadside collection. I had the opportunity to meet many of my favorite Jai Alai players this past weekend, and had them sign one of the prints. Check it out below. (as well as a photo of me and Ricky … that glorious, glorious bum)

Watching Jai Alai autographed

Me and Ricky

Doc Suds’ Ice Cream Sandwich

I bought a pint of Publix brand cookie dough ice cream:


Separated all the imbedded cookie dough from the ice cream, baked the dough, reinserted the ice-cream between the cookies, and: IMG_0830

How did it taste? Don’t ask me. I don’t really like cookies, vanilla ice cream or any combination therein.

O, Miami 2015

Another April has come and just about went, which means another O,Miami festival. In past years the festival has simulcast a 50 foot tall Robert Hass on the wall of the south beach Miami Symphony hall, distributed thousands of poems on coasters to bars across the city, and invited Adrian Matejka to read poems about Jack Johnson in between boxing matches. This year featured some incredible events like a Kay Ryan reading, poetry-led boat cruise and shadow puppets set to verse. I was lucky to be involved with several projects / events.

This spring, Jai-Alai Magazine, asked me to help read/edit and this month saw the release of issue #4 (with Cigar-City sponsored launch reading) and a special Zine Edition designed in partnership with Books Are Nice that was sold out of quarter machines throughout the city.

I was also invited to contribute some poems to Reading Queer’s “O, Hi There” project that involved surprising people with recorded poems. You can check out my poems here (“vulture” original appeared in Silk Road Review, and “Oyster” as a poetry broadside in coordination with the 2015 Miami Book Fair International):

Get Up Off This

One of my favorite podcasts has long been Get Up On This with Jensen Karp. It introduces listeners to new music (mostly rap), movies, books, apps, comedians, etc. They’ve been really early on Chance the Rapper, Vince Staples, Air B&B and all sorts of stuff. Then co-host Matthew Robinson got a spin off (a podcast with its own podcast) called Get Up Off This. It is what you imagine – Jensen and Matt with a weekly guest tell people what things they shouldn’t like. For the most recent edition, they took suggestions. You should subscribe to the whole show, because its always great, but for sure peep the 53:30 min mark below:


UPDATE: an awesome listener (@violetflutterby http://www.kkanpaint.com) of the podcast always draws a segment of the show. How fucking cool is this:


Struggle Fondue

I recently learned the term “Struggle Plate.” It’s a meal that reveals its preparer’s lack of money and/or culinary skill. Some of my favorite examples include

Struggle Lasagna:

Struggle Sandwich:

Struggle Pancakes:

Then I realized that my combination of comma-less bank account and inability to cook anything more complicated than a hot pocket makes me the ideal chef to add to the world’s struggle recipes. Thus, I give you Struggle Fondue:


Sibling Rivalry

Any good hop head should know that the Danish founders / head-brewers at Mikkeller and Evil Twin are brothers.

They should also know their relationship isn’t too close. Proof.

Well, I’m not convinced that a good pour can’t overcome family strife. So, I set out to make a Black and Tan using a Mikkeller lager (Keeper) and an Evil Twin porter (Lil B).


The result?

Fucking hell.

Seems booze is thicker than blood when it comes to the Bjergso brothers.